No-Touch Cleaning

In order to effectively clean, all liquids, soils and contaminants must be removed. However, most cleaning processes that involve mops cannot achieve this and are extremely time-consuming. Kaivac’s No-Touch cleaning technology is designed to thoroughly remove any soils and contaminants in order to eliminate odours and reduce the risk of contamination.

Studies have shown that No-Touch cleaning is 60 times more efficient in removing bacteria from surfaces and grout lines than flat mops, which is more likely to spread contamination than remove it. Plus, as the name suggests, nobody has to touch anything. Try that with a mop!

These innovative systems not only clean better, but they also cut labour, chemical and equipment costs while raising worker morale and image.

Why Kaivac No-Touch Cleaning?

So what makes Kaivac No-Touch cleaning the best solution for your business needs? Here are some of the innovations and capabilities to look for in a cleaning system if you’re aiming to maximise productivity and sanitation:

Are your floors free of contaminates?

The Kaivac No-Touch cleaning is proven by ATP testing to be 60 times more effective at removing soils and contaminates than mopping.

How can Kaivac No-Touch Cleaning improve productivity?

Kaivac No Touch Cleanining is typically three times faster than conventional methods.

Can you guarantee great results every time?

Unlike mopping, that has no built-in process controls to enforce and ensure best practices, Kaivac's process is foolproof resulting in repeatable outcomes time after time.

Can Kaivac No-Touch Cleaning cut your chemical costs?

Automatic proportioning of chemicals reduces costly waste. Plus, the No-Touch Cleaning process is extremely efficient, enabling organizations to achieve great results with reduced chemical dilutions.


  • kaivac 1250 NTC Cleaning
    Kaivac 1250

    Designed for smaller facilities and budgets such as schools, hospitals and clinics, nursing homes, restaurants, groceries, offices and more. 45 litre solution capability.


  • kaivac 1750 NTC Cleaning
    Kaivac 1750

    Combines high capacity and compact size at an attractive price to deliver exceptional value. Features removable 'black box' engine compartment for rapid repair and exchange. 64 litre solution capacity.


  • kaivac 2150 NTC Cleaning
    Kaivac 2150

    The original Kaivac designed to address the large capacity cleaning needs found in larger facilities such as higher education facilities, airports, convention centres, factories, warehouses, stadiums and large hospitals. 79 litre solution capacity.






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