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Industrial Scrubber Driers

HEFTER Cleantech manufacture highly efficient cleaning machines that not only shorten cleaning times, but are also engineered to the highest standard giving low cost in use and longevity.

As labour costs still account for 80-90% of the typical cleaning budget, high productivity is key to securing an early return on investment.


Why Hefter Cleantech?

So what are the hallmarks of a cost-effective scrubber-dryer?

Here are some of the innovations and capabilities to look for in a scrubber-dryer if you’re aiming to maximise productivity and return on investment:

Can it clean up to edges and reach into crevices and corners?

Yes. The more you reduce manual cleaning, the higher the output your cleaning team wil l achieve.

Will it pass through doors and narrow spaces?

All Hefter Cleantech machines are manufactured to the narrowest widths possible, then utilising technologies such as Variotech® these machines can clean at the widest possible widths.

Are you making the most of battery power?

Utilising the Hefter Cleantech Quick-Change® battery system means that continued use is now a reality, it now only takes minutes to change a full set of batteries, call us for a demonstration, hit 'Test Drive' now.

Does it have the flexibility to clean backwards as well as forwards?

Yes. This avoids the wasted time spent turning and manoeuvring. On a ride-on machine that allows the user to work longer shifts and cover more ground, multi-directional cleaning is a major bonus.

What about shelving, racks and other obstacles?

The innovative Variotech® technology from Hefter Cleantech allows for cleaning under shelving and racks, around pallets and pedestals as well as many other hard to reach places. Book a test drive to see this technology in action.

And what about longevity?

With German engineering at it's best and chassis built out of stainless steels the Hefter Cleantech range of scrubber driers will usually last for in excess of ten years.


  • hefter scrubber driers
    Turnado 55 / 55 Pro

    Compact, slim, battery powered scrubber drier, reduces cleaning time in previously inaccessible areas, which would normally have to be hand cleaned, such as in corners and awkward areas. Scrubbing and suction head rotates 360° for even cleaning over the entire area. Turnado 55 Pro features an Aluminium tank.


  • hefter variotech 82 pro
    Variotech 82 / 82 Pro

    Variotech system allows standard cleaning width of 82cm to be reduced to 61cm under pressure when cleaning around obstacles and barriers. Highly productive at cleaning close to edges, shelves, pallets and walls. Clean narrow passages and open areas with the one machine. 100 litre tank.


  • hefter variotech pro 82
    Variotech 112 Pro

    Larger version of the Variotech 82, with a cleaning width of 112cm, reduces by pressure down to 71cm. Less downtime due to a large tank size of 130 litres.


  • hefter convert 82
    Turnado 82

    Step on scribber drier, means no walking behind the machine, reducing operator fatigue. Rotational 400° scrubber head. As flexible and as agile as a walk behind model, but with the performance of a ride on. 100 litre tank.


  • Hefter FS112 scrubber dryer
    FS 82 / FS 112

    Ride-on scrubber driers featuring Variotech and Turnado technologies for a variable cleaning width under pressure and exceptional handling performance. Cleans going forwards and backwards, into dead ends and corners, and simple edge cleaning. To see for yourself ask for a 'Test Drive'


  • Hefter Turnado 38
    Turnado 38

    Small size scrubber drier for small rooms with limited space. Work rate of 1200 m² per hour it certainly out performs a mop!


  • HEFTER Turnado 35
    Turnado 35

    Small, easy to use, cylinder brush scrubber drier that works both backwards and forward. The Turnado® technology means that the head can turn through 200 degrees allowing cleaning into niches and corners. The Lithium Ion battery gives 3 times longer life than conventional batteries. Work rate of 1400 m² per hour.




Hefter Technologies

  • Turnado technology from Hefter Cleantech

    Turnado ®

    The Turnado® technology from Hefter Cleantech allows the scrubbing head and the squeegees to rotate by up to 360 degrees during full operation allowing the machine to be used both forward and backward, the scrubber drier head is always operating in the working direction. Moreover, the Turnado® technology allows the cleaning head to get right into corners and niches as illustrated here.

    Complete cleaning allows for increased efficiency and less need for manual work.

  • Quick-Change ®hefter Cleantech technologies Quick Change

    The Quick-Change® technology from Hefter Cleantech enables a simple and easy battery change keeping downtime to a minimum and maximising operating time.

    Using multiple sets of batteries and the Hefter Cleantech Quick-Change® system can allow for 24 hour working should that be necessary. It is  very simple, just hook up the quick-change cart, slide out the battery case, unhook the cart, hook up cart with set of charged batteries and push the charge set of batteries into the machine.

  • Variotech Hefter Cleantech

    Variotech ®

    Variotech® allows for the Hefter Cleantech machines to pass through narrow spaces such as doorways yet have wide cleaning paths up to 1.15m.

    The Variotech® technology also allows for the wings to clean under shelving and racking. Due to the automated wing system this facilitates cleaning around pallets, balustrades and pedestals as well as other awkward to clean areas. This technology gives flexibility of working and reduces manual work therefore cutting down on cost.

    To see this in action ask for a Test Drive.

  • Convert ®

    CONVERT® - the only convertable stand onconvert section1 multi-purpose cleaning system for scrubberdrying, burnishing, sweeping, polishing and crystallising. The Convert is the best combination between work behind and ride-on.

    Simple and fast changing of the various floor care aggregates enables the system to be used for different applications. This opens up a completely new approach to floor care system investments.

    By using a carrier system holding different working heads, their is no need to have multiple seperate systems available.

    This increases efficiency, allows not only to reduce system expenditure but also decreases labor cost.

Case Studies

  • Hefter scrubber drier Allianz Stadium

    Allianz Arena – Munich


    Cleaning a large stadium such as the Allianz stadium in Munich calls for innovative equipment that improves productivity.....

  • Danone – Rosenheim


    Sanitation is top priority in food production and machines that can cope with the large areas and the variety of demands are key to productivity in cleaning....

  • supermarket cleaning

    Carrefour – Gerona Spain


    The Turnado 55 allows for cleaning directly under the shelves and the small footprint the machine can clean through many of the checkouts, some of the reasons Hefter Cleantech Turnado 55 was chosen for use by Carrefour Spain....

  • Hefter Cleantech at SANA Hospital

    Sana Hospital – Remscheid


    Cleaning large awkward areas where it is important for good cleaning, floors left dry and high productivity, the Hefter Cleantech FS112 proves to be the machine of choice.....

  • cleans into corners

    Schenker – Munich


    A logical choice for a logistics company, the HEFTER FS 112 allows cleaning of awkward spaces including under pallets and around racking....

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