Space Vac

High Reach Cleaning System

SpaceVac, the market leading high-level cleaning system, is a revolution in cleaning, that offers operators across a wide range of sectors, a simple, safe and cost-efficient solution to the challenges of cleaning at height.

Built around an innovative system of lightweight carbon fibre poles and cleaning accessories, the system – augmented with a high-power vacuum and wireless camera & monitoring system – allows operators to clean up to 15 metres high from the ground with no need for expensive and time sapping methods like cherry pickers or scaffolding.

The range is further enhanced with the inclusion of the world’s only ATEX certified high-level cleaning – bringing SpaceVac’s innovation into explosive atmospheres and hazardous environments. SpaceVac is the only system of its kind to be certified as safe for ATEX use.

How high can the system clean?

Our exterior systems can clean up to 15 metres high from ground floor, while our exterior and backpack systems can reach up to 11 metres from the ground - removing the need for scaffolding, ladders or cherry pickers.

What are the poles made out of?

Our standard internal and external poles are made of lightweight, highly durable carbon composite, while our ATEX certified poles are made from 100% carbon.

Which system is right for me?

Without knowing how you plan to use the system and exactly what requirements you have, its difficult to say. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Where are the systems manufactured?

The SpaceVac systems are designed and engineered in Northampton, UK.

I am a distributor and would like to discuss stocking SpaceVac in my country.

We are always looking for new distribution partners to help us bring SpaceVac to the world. Please contact us to discuss your circumstances with us.

How do the poles and accessories fit together?

All SpaceVac poles and accessories are held together with our unique "secure fastening" system. This systems helps to prolong the lifespan of the poles whilst also offering increased stability and safety during operation.

What brushes and accessories are available?

The SpaceVac system is completely flexible due to its wide array of brushes and accessories. From gutter cleaning heads and specialist outdoor tools, to a unique range of indoor brushes the SpaceVac system has a solution to even the toughest of cleaning challenges.

Do camera kits come as standard on all systems?

Our wireless camera and monitoring system comes as standard on all interior, exterior and backpack systems. The only system which does not come with a camera is our ATEX system, however note that an ATEX certified camera system can be supplied, pricing on request.

How does the wireless camera system work?

The camera transmits via bluetooth to a wireless receiver mounted at ground level. Footage can also be recorded to a micro SD card.

Can I use your heads and poles with my existing vacuums?

Yes the SpaceVac system is compatible with most commercial vacuums. Please contact us to confirm specific model details.

I have a specific requirement, are you able to manufacture bespoke tools?

Yes we have developed bespoke pieces of equipment for our customers in the past and indeed at times these developments have gone on to be adopted across the wider SpaceVac range. Talk to us about your requirements today.

How can I see the system in action?

You can browse a range of videos on the SpaceVac system by visiting our Youtube channel or the videos section of this website. Alternatively why not book a free demo on your premises.


  • SpaceVac high level atex cleaning system
    Atex System

    The only conductive system of its kind in the world certified as safe for use within ATEX explosive environments such as food processing facilities or wood shops. Explosive atmospheres can be caused when flammable gases, mists, vapours or combustible dusts build up in confined spaces. Explosions can cause loss of life and serious injuries as well as significant damage and using the correct equipment can help greatly in this.


  • Camera System

    Live HD video feed helps you monitor your progress as you go, while avoiding neck and back injuries by encouraging the operative to stay in a natural position.


  • External System

    High power, high volume gutter cleaning and exterior high level vacuum cleaning system. Designed for domestic and light commercial gutter cleaning applications, integrates lightweight yet durable 50mm diameter carbon fibre poles with a high power, high volume wet and dry vacuum unit.


  • Internal System

    Compact and highly mobile interior high level vacuum cleaning system that offers an excellent performance and value. Clean areas up to 11 meters high, including awkward and previously inaccessible areas, with no loss in suction power.


  • Accessories

    Built with safety at heart, the core of the SpaceVac range is an extensive range of high-level cleaning poles and accessories. The poles allow operators to clean internal and external areas up to 15 metres high.




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