Most cleaning contractors and cleaning operatives are looking for innovation that will save time, which is the biggest cost factor, and give a better result. At Rawlins we continually search for equipment and processes that will bring this innovation to you. Here you will find more information about our latest innovation in cleaning and what that will mean to you.

  • Daily Cleaning


    Cleaning on a regular, ideally daily basis, means you are cleaning dirt built up over one day only.

  • return on investment

    Return on Investment


    For cleaning contractors and business owners return on investment is key. More than 80% of typical cleaning tasks are labour intensive, here we show innovative processes that save on labour, equipment and chemicals giving a fast return on investment.

  • scientific cleaning

    Measurable And Repeatable Results


    Science based cleaning proves that surfaces are clean rather than relying on sight and smell....

  • Chop the Mop, Denis Rawlins Ltd

    Chop the Mop


    We started our 'Chop the Mop' campaign to make people aware of the futility of mopping and that there is another way. Here you will find information that supports our 'Chop the Mop' campaign.....

  • Scientific Based Kitchen Cleaning

    Food Service Cleaning


    Food Service Cleaning is always a challenge, with grease and fat often causing a slip and fall hazards as well as potential contamination problems. Our scientific approach, using innovative cleaning methods, allows for fast effective cleaning, repeatable outcomes and a fast return on investment.......