Food Service Cleaning

Kitchen or Food Service Cleaning can be a problem due to the amount of fat, grease and oils that can be present. Traditional cleaning methods such as mopping cannot remove these stubborn soils and a more scientific cleaning method is needed. Not only is there a cross contamination issue with dirty surfaces in kitchens and food preparation areas, greasy surfaces are a potential health and safety issue and a major cause of slip and fall accidents in kitchens and food preparation areas.

In our Food Service Cleaning section we have ideas and innovation that will make cleaning in food service and food preparation areas faster, easier with simple repeatable processes that give the best repeatable outcomes….

Food Service Cleaning Systems

  • OmniFlex Food Service Dispense and Vac
    OmniFlex™ Food Service Dispense and Vac

    The Food Service OmniFlex™ Dispense and Vac is designed for fast application of a degreasing solution, agitation and then removal in three simple steps. Becoming the system of choice for fast food outlets, as well as industrial and commercial kitchens. Easy to use, saves time and requires very little training. Leaves floors extremely clean, dry and slip free. Book a free demonstration through our Test Drive button.


  • Rawlins DR 75c Steam Cleaner
    Rawlins DR 75c Steam Cleaner

    For detailed cleaning and sanitizing of Food Service areas our DR 75c 5 bar steamer with vacuum removal is a no chemical alternative to other cleaning methods. Contact us for more information or a free demonstration via the Test Drive button.


  • Acrobat C34C & C34B
    Acrobat C34

    For cleaning safety floors, tiling or uneven floors that do not have large amounts of fat deposits. The Acrobat C34's cylinder brushes gets into the dips and bumps of tiles, safety flooring and uneven floors leaving the floor clean and virtually dry. Use the Test Drive button to book a free demonstration or contact us for more information.




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