REN™clean Escalator Cleaning System

The REN™clean escalator cleaning system is designed as a daily or regular cleaning system and cleans any brand, size or style of escalator or travelator in minutes, not hours. The cost is very low compared to traditional methods of cleaning escalators and far quicker. The REN™clean escalator cleaning system can be used to clean escalators and travelators in airports, shopping centres, office buildings and other commercial environments without the need of power or skilled operatives.

Choose The REN™ escalator cleaning system because:

  • One person operation.
  • Stopping the escalator is not required.
  • No external power source needed.
  • Lightweight design makes it easy to transport and simple to store.
  • Engineered sponge pads clean the toughest stains, effectively and gently.
  • Pads can be cleaned and reused.
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Test Drive