In this day and age, technology is more advanced then ever and will continue to revolutionise the world. It’s amazing how advanced technology has allowed us to obtain information at our fingertips and to create innovative tools, processes and resources.


Technology has certainly had a major positive impact on the cleaning industry and is undergoing big change. Cleaning is crucial for all buildings, and new technology is allowing us to enhance cleaning efficiency, increase cleaning productivity, become more eco-friendly, and boost cleaning professionalism.

Staff Training


Although technology is used to create innovative cleaning systems and is a huge benefit for the cleaning industry, it is completely different to what we are used to. Newer technology and innovative systems mean full staff training is necessary. This is the best method to allow the operator to get used to the system and produce high level cleaning results.


The importance of training staff


1) Boosts cleaning professionalism


New technology in the cleaning industry can help to boost cleaning professionalism. It’s important for staff to get full training on these innovative cleaning systems and tools, so that they are being used correctly and effectively. Using these innovative systems without proper training could lead to unsatisfactory cleaning results and create an unprofessional looking environment.


In order for cleaning staff to perform their role to a high standard and maintain professionalism, employee training is required.


2) It creates a safer and cleaner environment


While innovative cleaning systems are guaranteed to create a safe, clean environment, this can be challenged if the operator is inexperienced or the system is being used incorrectly or inefficiently. It is important to ensure your staff members are aware of:

  • How to use the system correctly
  • How to repair or replace parts if damaged or misplaced
  • The correct cleaning chemicals (if any are required)
  • The potential dangers associated with the cleaning system

Not only does this reduce the risk of accidents, but it allows users to identify issues related to the system and solve them instantly, or refer for a repair. This puts staff and others in safe hands and ensures a safe environment for people in the building. Staff that are fully trained will also have full knowledge on how to operate the system, which will enable them to produce better cleaning results.


3) Increases cost-efficiency


Effective training on cleaning systems means that they will be used efficiently, which will save time, the biggest cost factor of the cleaning profession. Training will also mean staff are more cautious of the system they are operating. For example, cleaners will be less wasteful with chemical cleaning products, which ultimately saves money. They will also know how to take care of the system, as they have full product knowledge, which avoids cost of potential damage. In addition, this can also avoid potential personal injury compensation claims, because of staff not knowing how to use the system correctly.


4) Increase client satisfaction


One of the purposes of innovative cleaning systems is to gain better cleaning results with ease, saving both time and money, giving a high ROI. When a fully trained staff is able to use the system correctly, they will get outstanding cleaning results. This also leaves the client/company satisfied and creates a great impression.


Not only that, but this can lead to positive word of mouth on the system and potentially increase sales.


We at Rawlins offer training on all of our innovative cleaning systems and processes for free. This is part of our service as we are committed to increasing standards in the cleaning industry and boosting cleaning as a profession.


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