Cleaning is a critical task that everyone has to do. Whether it’s cleaning your house, bedroom, desk at work or anywhere else, it takes a lot of time and effort to keep things tidy. However, you may come across challenges that require you to clean above eye-level. These tricky, out of reach areas are left untouched because of how complicated it is to maintain those places.


However, there is one solution that enables you to clean at height. The SpaceVac Internal High-Level Cleaning System allows you to tackle high-level cleaning. This revolutionary system cleans anything indoors, safely from the ground. A simple, safe and cost-efficient way to overcome cleaning at height.


What is the SpaceVac Internal High-Level Cleaning Kit?


Vacuum cleaners are known to suck up unwanted particles from floors, which is collected by a dust bag or cyclone. The SpaceVac Internal High-Level Cleaning Kit does the same thing but is crafted to clean high-level areas such as vents, pipes, gutters and other high surfaces whilst keeping your feet firmly on the ground. In addition, the Cleaning Kit is incredibly light to use due to the strong, light-weight carbon fibre poles. This enables the operator to clean up to 10 metres from the ground with ease.


How to clean high level areas - SpaceVac


Not only does it improve cleaning standards, but SpaceVac is the world’s number 1 High-Level Cleaning System and is used by clients around the world.


Benefits of using the SpaceVac Internal High-Level Cleaning


Cleaning at height holds a lot of importance but can be overlooked. In fact, you’ll see a change in safety, appearance and hygiene once you start using the SpaceVac Internal Kit. The system allows you to meet health and safety requirements such as:


  • Keeping pipework, vents, gutters and other high-level areas clean and clear.
  • Keeps buildings secure by eliminating dust particles obstructing CCTV and any other devices.
  • Lessens fire risks by eliminating dust from lights and cables that could cause overheating.
  • Improves health by eliminating dust from vents that is circulated in the air when air conditioners are on.


How to clean high level areas - SpaceVac


What also adds value to the Kit is that it can prevent fall from height accidents. Ladders and MEWPs are often used as support to clean out-of-reach areas, which can be dangerous. In fact, according to Beckett&Co (2016), accidents involving a fall from height is one of the most common accidents at work and can lead to serious injuries


What am I able to clean with the SpaceVac Internal High-Level Cleaning Kit?


Offering a powerful cleaning solution, the SpaceVac Internal Kit is designed for indoor use and can be used to clean lights, cable trays, pipework, vents, walls and other high-level areas.


How to clean high level areas - SpaceVac


Where can I use the SpaceVac Internal High-Level Cleaning Kit?


From schools, to shopping malls, supermarkets to warehouses, you can operate the High-Level Cleaning Kit anywhere.


Is the High-Level Cleaning System easy to use?


Yes – As the SpaceVac Internal Kit is light, it is safe and easy to use.


By booking a demo, you can watch and learn how to use the SpaceVac Internal High-Level Cleaning Kit. The quick and easy demo will allow you master the machine within minutes.


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