SpaceVac is a simple, safe and cost-effective way to clean at height without the need for powered access equipment or scaffolding.

Using super-lightweight carbon-fibre poles and cleaning accessories, SpaceVac enables operators to clean up to 16 metres from ground level. An additional wireless videocam allows the operative (or a supervisor viewing a recording) to monitor results.

SpaceVac is compatible with standard vacuums and also has an ATEX-certified system which is safe for use in explosive environments with combustible dusts.

Here are some reasons why SpaceVac is the market leading high-level cleaning system:



SpaceVac has extra tools so you can clean more areas quickly and efficiently. There are 5 tools for the internal kit, 3 for the external kit and 4 for the ATEX kit.

Competitors only have one tool for each system.


SpaceVac's carbon fibre heads are 100% single piece construction; there are no components so they cannot come apart. The heads are extremely light and strong and will not break or deform if dropped. The heads are also not affected by temperature change and do not expand or contract.

Competitors have silicon heads which are heavier and when cleaning externally the movement of the heads is a hindrance.


SpaceVac's carbon fibre poles are held together by our unique safety locking mechanism.

Competitors have push together tapered fit and clamp poles which can come apart during operation.

S.A.F.E.R (Safe, And, Fast, Easy, Release)


We offer both demonstration and training at the customers premises at a time that suits them. Competitors don't always offer training, so make sure you check this before purchase.  


Would you like to book a demo?

Denis Rawlins Ltd are the exclusive supplier of SpaceVac in the UK. If you’d like to see a demonstration and see how SpaceVac can help you, please call us on 0121 351 4444, email, or fill out the form below!