The problem

I’m sure we have all been there; when you are sat at your desk in the office or on the phone, when suddenly the vacuum cleaner is turned on, sending your concentration levels out of the window. Worse still, you could find it difficult to hear customers on the end of the telephone and end up sounding quite unprofessional.

Fortunately, there is a solution…

The solution


The Litterbug 370B Sweeper is a great solution for when you need to clean an area quickly and quietly.  Whilst the vacuum cleaner could never be replaced, the Litterbug 370B battery-powered compact sweeper is a great choice for daytime cleaning or to clean up a quick spill (where you may not want to get the vacuum cleaner out)!

What about the run time?

The Litterbug 370B is battery operated and has a run time of 45 minutes per battery (spare included), which means you can cover a large surface area in the time given. It can be used indoors or outside and will adapt to all surfaces, hard or soft.

Will I have to keep bending over?

The Litterbug 370B also has features that prevent you from constantly bending over and maintain good posture. It has a telescopic handle which stays upright, a large foot pedal which can be activated when standing up and a 2-litre capacity waste collection, so you spend less time emptying the machine!

Will the Litterbug 370B collect dirt in tight spaces?


It can often be hard to get to dirt in small spaces, or along skirting boards – the Litterbug 370B uses its side brushes to clean along edges and even into the smallest of corners! The telescopic handle also moves so you can collect dirt from under tables, chairs and into small places.

Is the Litterbug 370B easy to store?

Store rooms for cleaning products may not always be that big, but the Litterbug 370B has a space-saving storage position to ensure it can fit in easily. It is also lightweight, so moving the sweeper is an easy task.

Where can I use the Litterbug 370B?

The Litterbug 370B is ideal for entryways of all kinds, hallways, staircases, driveways, warehouse and office areas, airports, train stations and exhibition halls.

Would you like to find out more?

If you would like to find out more about the Litterbug 370B industrial internal sweeper, please call 0121 351 4444 or email Alternatively, you can see more on the Litterbug 370B here.