Denis Rawlins Ltd has been busy attending an exhibition last week. Rawlins exhibited at The London Cleaning Show at the London Excel and have been showcasing their innovative cleaning solutions. We would like to thank everyone that came to visit us!

Rawlins was able to showcase many of their innovative products at the exhibition including, SpaceVac high reach cleaning system, RENclean escalator cleaning, PacVac, Kaivac, Omniflex, the MotorScrubber JET and the Litterbug 370B and 770B.

Whilst at the London Cleaning Show we also launched our ROI calculators so contractors and clients can work out their specific job-related ROI and see how they can invest smarter for a better clean. Click here to to work out your ROI!

Please see below some of the pictures we took at the show:

cleaning show

cleaning show 1 

cleaning show 2