With RENClean being the newest innovation in escalator cleaning in the industry, we thought we’d investigate how this method compares to more traditional escalator cleaning methods. Here we look at a range of factors that are considered important to customers when choosing a cleaning solution.



Time is money! The longer something takes to do, the higher the associated cost – simple!

Traditional deep cleaning methods of escalators can take more than 3 hours. Compared to RENClean, where a maintenance clean takes only 15-20 minutes per escalator.

When speaking with customers when demonstrating RENClean, we often find that their escalator has never been cleaned, simply because of how long they deemed it to take with traditional methods.

This also means less downtime for the escalator itself, so you can get it back open as soon as possible, keeping customers happy!


The equipment for traditional escalator cleaning methods can range between a cost of £2000 - £20,000 – and that doesn’t include the cost of the time used to operate them to complete an escalator clean.

A RENclean starter kit costs around £1,000, with the cost of each escalator clean being around just £6.50, plus 15 minutes labour.


Traditional escalator cleaning methods tend to use large quantities of water. This amount of water can even null or void the warranty on the escalator.

RENClean uses very little water on the pads to clean an escalator, making the whole process safer and tidier.  


Traditional escalator cleaning machinery is heavy and can be difficult to control, meaning someone highly skilled needs to operate the machine throughout the entire escalator clean.

RENClean is lightweight and simple to use, requiring minimal training.

How can we help you?

Denis Rawlins Ltd are the exclusive supplier of RENClean in the UK. If you’d like to see a demonstration to see the magic in action, please call us on 0121 351 4444 or email sales@rawlins.co.uk

If you’d like more information, or to see videos of RENClean, visit our website here.