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Haaga Machines

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Haaga - Sweeping Machines

Intelligent Airflow System

There are two special filters on Haaga sweepers. In the machine, dust-containing air is cleaned and returned to the sweeping cycle. Thus, the operator will not have to stand in a dust cloud.

Sweep Technology
The Haaga sweeper features self-lubricating gears without wear thanks to Sweep Technology. The result is increased durability and a longer gear life cycle. It is available on the 400 and 600 models.  

Turbo Sweeping System

A patent-pending triple-disc brush technology allows special counter-rotating disc brushes to slice below the waste and push it directly into the waste container. As a result, the unit can pick up large debris in the front. The third finer brush in the centre of the unit will pick up fine dirt, dust, and debris and allow for a more complete cleaning in a single pass.

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