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Motorscrubber JET3 Chemical Injection Hand-held Scrubber

Excluding Vat

It can be tiresome, challenging, and time-consuming to move a bucket of cleaning solution or pump-up sprayer to the cleaning location, and there is a high risk of spills and solution waste.

This is where Jet3 will solve these problems.

The MotorScrubber JET3 is a hand-held, portable and lightweight scrubber. It can assist with daily cleaning and can reduce the amount of chemicals you can use!


With the MotorScrubber Jet 3 onboard integrated chemical injection, you can get an amazing deep cleaning up to 3m/10ft high. Spray just the right amount of cleaning agent at the right time. The additional spray function, which includes all the functions of M3 scrubber, eliminated the need for buckets or spray bottles.

There is no overuse or waste solution with this scrubber machine because of the low water, easy dose system and high concentrated chemical. It provides cleaning performance up to 40m2 / 130ft2.

Dirt and grime on the surface are broken down by the solution as it is fed by the high-pressure pump directly to the scrubbing head. Choose Jet3 floor scrubber machine for sparkling fresh surface and freedom to clean anyplace and to increase the cleaning speed.


Benefits of the JET3 scrubber:

  • Effective cleaning due to high torque motor 360rpm and substantially reduces exhaustive manual labour.
  • Scrubbing is 4x Faster than the manual method with an onboard spray function.
  • Lightweight yet heavy-duty with impressive 4 hours of run time
  • 1L/0.26 gal quick fill the chemical tank. Get an ROI within 3 months
  • Cordless, very simple to use, no need to learn complicated controls. Plug and Go!
  • 100% waterproof head which can be submerged in water.


More Information


Runtime  4 Hours
Charge Time Up to 8 Hours
Machine Weight 3.8 lb
Backpack Weight 6.6 lb
Brush Speed 360 rpm
Hose Length 26ft
Scrubbing Width 7.5"
Surface Covered 472 ft²/hour
Solution Capacity 1L (0.25gl)
Pump Pressure 7.9 Bar 116 PSI
Pump Flow 5L/min (1.3gl/min)
Linear Performance
799 m/hour (2621 ft/hour)
Brush Pressure 5 kg = 19.7 g/cm² (11 lb = 4.48 oz/inch²)
Motor Torque 11.18 g/cm1096.3 mN.m

Download Documents
Jet3 Manual (1.87 MB)
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