Ren Clean

Ren Clean

The REN™Clean escalator cleaning system is designed for daily or regular cleaning of escalators. REN™Clean cleans any brand, size and style of escalator or travellator in minutes, not hours. The cost per clean is also very low compared to traditional methods. Perfect for use on escalators and travellators in airports, shopping centres, office buildings and other commercial environments without the need of power or skilled operatives.

REN™Clean provides a better clean at a fraction of the price when compared to traditional methods of escalator cleaning, giving you immediate return on investment. The revolutionary system can clean an escalator in under 15 minutes without the need to stop its cycle. Designed to fit the tread and width of all standard escalators, simply slot the pad into the grooves of the tread and allow to run for at least 3 cycles.

Choose the REN™clean escalator cleaning system to improve productivity and reduce costs with daily use:

- No power needed
- Fast and efficient: Cleans in just 15 minutes
- Simple & effective: Only one person is required to operate, no training is required
- Stay on the move: No need to shut down the escalator
- Great clean, no damage: Gentle on the aluminium, but tough on dirt
- Simple to transport & store: Use on spillages as they occur throughout the day
- Low-cost cleaning of risers
- Can be used for deep cleans and maintenance cleans

Now, with the introduction of the riser cleaning system, this is a fully comprehensive solution so every area of the escalator steps is clean and look great for your public.

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