spacevac high level cleaning tool

A safer alternative to traditional high reach cleaning methods

SpaceVac, is a revolution in cleaning, that offers operators across a wide range of sectors, a simple, safe and cost-efficient solution to the challenges of cleaning at height.

SpaceVac high reach vacuum systems allow cleaning high areas whilst keeping your feet firmly on the ground. Whether it is gutter cleaning outside or cleaning of pipes, beams and fixtures inside large facilities and warehouses.

The system allows operators to clean up to 16 metres high from the ground with no need for expensive and time-sapping methods like cherry pickers or scaffolding.

The range is further enhanced with the inclusion of the world’s only ATEX certified high-level cleaning equipment– bringing SpaceVac’s innovation into explosive atmospheres and hazardous environments. SpaceVac is the only system of its kind to be certified as safe for ATEX use.

Key Benefits of SpaceVac:

  • Complies with HSE recommendations
  • A range of tools to handle different cleaning tasks
  • No loss in suction power
  • Made from super-lightweight carbon fibre
  • HD camera included to monitor and record work from the ground
  • ATEX approved

SpaceVac vs Competition

Tools - We have more tools available than any other competitor, to help you clean quickly and efficiently.

Heads - Our heads are 100% carbon fibre and a single piece construction, making them extremely light and strong. Competitor silicon heads are a lot heavier.

Poles - Our carbon fibre poles are held together by our unique safety locking mechanism meaning they cannot come apart during operation.

Demonstration/Training - We offer both at your premises at a time that suits you.

Don’t fall foul of Work at Height Regulations

The biggest cause of workplace fatalities and major injuries is falls from height, often through the use of ladders to get to otherwise out of reach areas.

Between 2013 – 2018 there has been an average of 37 fatal injuries per year. In 2017/18 5,445 employees suffered a major injury as a result of a fall from height in the workplace, with a further 2,643 employees suffering an ‘over 7 day’ injury.

The Health & Safety Executive recommends that working at height is avoided unless there is no other way.

SpaceVac Internal System
SpaceVac Internal System

A safer alternative to traditional high-reach cleaning methods: SpaceVac high-level cleaning vacuum equipment systems allow cleaning high areas whilst keeping your feet firmly on the ground.

SpaceVac External System
SpaceVac External System

Clean gutters up to 16m easily without the need for scaffolding or expensive lifting equipment. For less than the cost of hiring access equipment you can now clean gutters fast, whilst keeping your feet firmly on the ground. 

SpaceVac ATEX System
SpaceVac ATEX System

SpaceVac’s ATEX system has been developed specifically for use in areas designated as Explosive Atmospheres (known as ATEX).

SpaceVac Accessories
SpaceVac Accessories

The best way to evaluate the performance of our equipment is to see a demonstration, please use this form to book and we’ll be in touch.

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