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Escalator Cleaning

Escalator Cleaning

escalator cleaning

Clean your escalator on a regular basis just like the rest of your floors. Cleaning your escalator on a daily or weekly basis ensures a clean, safer environment for your property, while also saving your money.

Bring your dirty or neglected escalator up to the standards of your property's maintenance and cleanliness. Reduce consumer complaints and grime build up on your escalators.

Cleaning escalators presents a number of challenges.

There are various difficulties to consider when cleaning an escalator.

  • Escalators are not flat surfaces like floors, special cleaning solutions and machines are required.
  • The grooves in the tread sections of the step attract impacted debris and are difficult to remove. 
  • Facilities with escalators of varying widths give cleaning staff new challenges
  • Cost vs cleaning method.
  • Cleaning time and escalator downtime of 



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