Daily Cleaning Schedule

At Rawlins, we recommend cleaning on a regular, ideally daily basis. A daily cleaning schedule means that we are having to only clean the dirt that has been built up over just one day, instead of weeks or even months.

The traditional ‘deep clean’ means we are waiting to clean dirt that has been building up for months. A deep clean costs much more than a daily cleaning schedule, this is because a deep clean can take much longer. A deep clean will take longer simply because there is more dirt to remove, and sometimes it is more difficult to remove because it may have become ingrained in surfaces and floors over an extended period.

As well as deep cleans being costlier and time consuming, they are make your building much less hygienic for your customers, visitors, and staff alike, during the length of time between cleans.

Basically, deep cleans can cost you thousands of pounds, whilst a daily cleaning schedule have a minimal cost in comparison. At Rawlins we can recommend innovative cleaning solutions that can be used for a cost effective daily clean with fantastic cleaning and hygiene results.

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