Haaga 770 Pro Push Sweeper 77cm - Manual

Excluding Vat

Introducing the Haaga 477 manual sweeper, an impressive addition to our line of manual Haaga sweepers. This Deluxe Turbo Sweeper is designed for ease of operation, featuring a 77cm width and a triple brush system. 


What sets it apart is the patented Turbo sweeping system, which ensures double the cleaning power with just a single motion. The two front brushes work in perfect harmony by rotating in opposite directions, effectively capturing debris directly in front of the sweeper. Meanwhile, the bottom brush roller diligently collects even the finest particles, leaving your floors impeccably clean. All the collected debris is effortlessly directed into the spacious 50L container, which can be easily emptied for hassle-free disposal. This exceptional sweeper is built to tackle a wide range of materials, including fine sand, street dirt, wet and dry leaves, stones, and cigarette stubs. With minimal effort, yards, sidewalks, and car parks can be swiftly cleaned to perfection. It efficiently sweeps up both fine and coarse dirt, as well as dry and wet leaves, ensuring a thorough clean every time. Storage is a breeze with its space-saving design, and you won't have to worry about losing contents from the waste bin. Featuring a beltless drive system, this sweeper operates seamlessly without any complications. Its lightweight construction ensures fatigue-free operation, allowing you to effortlessly complete your cleaning tasks. Embrace the convenience and efficiency of the Haaga 477 manual sweeper and say goodbye to tiresome cleaning routines.



Patented Turbo Sweeping System: The Haaga 477 manual sweeper features a patented Turbo sweeping system that provides powerful and efficient cleaning performance. With just one move, it sweeps twice, thanks to the two front brushes rotating in opposite directions.

Triple Brush System: Equipped with a triple brush system, this sweeper ensures thorough and effective cleaning. The two front brushes capture debris directly in front of the sweeper, while the bottom brush roller picks up even the finest particles.

Wide Cleaning Width: With its 77cm width, the Haaga 477 covers a large area with each sweep, allowing for faster and more efficient cleaning.

No Electricity Required: Unlike powered sweepers, the Haaga 477 operates manually without the need for electricity, making it a cost-effective and environmentally friendly choice.

Large Easy-to-Empty Container: The sweeper comes with a spacious 13.2-gallon container, providing ample capacity for debris collection. The container is designed for easy emptying, ensuring hassle-free maintenance.

Versatile Cleaning Abilities: The Haaga 477 is capable of sweeping up various types of debris, including fine sand, street dirt, wet and dry leaves, stones, and even cigarette stubs. It is suitable for cleaning yards, sidewalks, car parks, and other outdoor spaces.

Space-Saving Storage: When not in use, the sweeper's compact design allows for convenient storage without taking up excessive space.

Belt-Less Drive System: With its belt-less drive system, the Haaga 477 ensures problem-free operation and eliminates the need for belt adjustments.

Lightweight and Easy to Operate: The sweeper's lightweight construction makes it easy to manoeuvre and operate with minimal effort, reducing fatigue during extended cleaning sessions.

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Dimension 30.3 x 29.5 x 10.8 in
Height Adjustment Yes
Material Nylon (brush)
Productivity 31 000 sq ft / hr
Tray capacity 50L / 13.2 Gallons
Weight 35 lbs
Width 31''



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