HEFTER Compact Scrubber Driers

Our Hefter compact scrubber driers have all the power and cleaning capabailities of a regular scrubber drier but can tackle smaller spaces with ease. They are fast, agile and require minimal training.

HEFTER Cleantech manufacture highly efficient cleaning machines that not only shorten cleaning times but are also engineered to the highest standard giving low cost in use and longevity. As labour costs still account for 80-90% of the typical cleaning budget, high productivity is key to securing an early return on investment.

Compact scrubber driers provide the same excellent clean of it’s bigger brothers but are perfect for cleaning smaller spaces and make light of cleaning into corners.

Our Hefter compact scrubber driers have Turnado technology. This means that the scrubber drier head, including the vacuum and squeegees can be rotated, allowing the user to clean and dry in all working directions, including backwards. This technology reduces cleaning time and increases cleaning efficiency, which helps you quickly get return on investment.

A scrubber drier will out perform a mop at any time. A mop is dipped into the same bucket of water, getting dirtier and dirtier. This dirty water is then just spread across the whole floor area. In contrast, a Hefter scrubber drier uses fresh water at every centimetre, and the floor is dried immediately. This means your cleaning processes will be quicker, more hygienic, and safer when using a scrubber drier.  

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Frequently Asked Questions

So what are the hallmarks of a cost-effective scrubber-dryer?

Here are some of the innovations and capabilities to look for in a scrubber-dryer if you’re aiming to maximise productivity and return on investment:

  • Are you making the most of battery power?

    Utilising the Hefter Cleantech Quick-Change® battery system means that continued use is now a reality, it now only takes minutes to change a full set of batteries, call us for a demonstration, hit 'Request Free Demo' now.

  • And what about longevity?

    With German engineering at it's best and chassis built out of stainless steels the Hefter Cleantech range of scrubber driers will usually last for in excess of ten years.

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