Ilimex 70

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The illimex 70 model is designed for smaller areas such as a table for 4 in a cafe or restaurant. .



Ilimex Ltd. uses a combination of sterilisation technologies to continuously eliminate >99.9999% of airborne pathogens on the first pass through the Ilimex air sterilising unit.

The technologies involved are:

• Wide band extra long-life UV sources including high efficiency LEDs to reduce operating cost

• Titanium Dioxide Photocatalytic Filtration

• Silver-ion doped HEPA 13 filtering to PM1 (antibacterial filter)

• Activated Carbon

• Supplied with 4 wire track adaptor for simple installation

• Ceiling rose adaptor option

• Die-Cast Aluminium body

• Fan lifetime >30,000hrs

• Replaceable HEPA H13 filter

Ilimex air sterilising units uniquely kill Viruses and Bacteria on the first pass along with improving air quality by removing pollutants and health hazards.


Power (W) - 57

Dimensions 380*180mm

Input Voltage: 100-277v AC 50/60hz

Power Consumption: 57W

2x25w UV-C Lamp lifetime 9,000hrs

Air Flow (m3/h) - 100

Noise (dB**) - 30

Room Size (m2*) - 9

*Assumes Ceiling Height of 2.5m. **30dB is approximate to a quiet library / 40dB is approximate to a quiet office.