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FogPod PRO ES - Electrostatic Sprayer

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Rawlins is the official UK distributor of all FogPod spraying equipment.

Provides a medium scale of disinfection of surface and contact points. The FogPod PRO ES offers users full adjustment options and a removable rechargeable battery pack that allows for quick battery replacement and continuous fogging.


Key Features: Ergonomic handle, simple user interface, aluminium casing, removable battery and adjustable nozzle that offers variable micron size (between 10-20 microns).

Spray range: 1-3m

With 3 different dispersal power settings, infrared induction sensitivity and an adjustable nozzle that gives you variable micron size, you're fully in control of your fogging.

Technical Data

  • Electrostatic Charge - With 5Kv Electrostatic generator.
  • PRO ES delivers a 360° coverage on all surfaces through electrostatic attraction.
  • Removable 12V Lithium Battery for fast change and continuous fogging
  • Cordless fogger allows you to move without restriction.
  • Device requires 1.5 hours for basic charge and 3-4 hours to fully charge.
  • 400ml tank
  • Hardened aluminium casing to add durability and even weight distribution.


With electrostatic cleaning technology, you can effectively manage the critical transmission pathways with broad-spectrum technology offering a much more effective cleaning method.

Why use electrostatic technology when cleaning and disinfecting?

100% of coverage in half the time than wiping, whilst using 60% less solution than standard disinfectant sprayers.


Ideal for sanitisation, disinfection, decontamination, odour removal, pesticides/fertilising & more

More Information


Model Number PRO-ES
Charger DC5V/1.5A
Battery 2200mAh
Electrostatic Generator 5KV
Tank Size 380ml / 12.8 oz
Sq.ft Coverage2 per hour 3000 sq.ft
Charging Time 2 Hour
Working Time 2.5-3 hours
Optimum Spray Range 1-2m
Unit Size 238*219*87mm
Packing Size (protective case) 274*248*115mm
Applicable Temperature -10~60°C
Infra-Red Activation Setting Yes


Nozzle Shape Full Cone
Particle Size 10 microns
Flow Rate 25ml/min | 0.85 oz/min
Estimated Dwell Time 30 seconds
Runtime per Tank 15 minutes
Coverage per Tank 750 sq ft (70 sq m
Tanks per Charge 12

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