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Fast Food

Winning the war on grease and keeping the kitchen sparkling clean when you’re running a busy fast food business might seem impossible. There always will be stubborn stains, spills, and health & safety risks wherever food is prepared. To mitigate risk and eradicate the breeding ground for viruses and bacteria, grease and food residues must be systematically removed in compliance with HACCP guidelines.

All of our cleaning equipment is selected because of their efficiency, quality, ease of use and ability to promote a safer work environment for you and your staff.

Below you will find a selection of our equipment, you can find more information about the ranges by viewing the equipment via the ‘Brands’ section of this website.


How do you clean a dirty greasy kitchen floor in fast food?

Mops have been used for years in kitchens, unfortunately, they do not remove grease, they just spread it around even with the best degreasing chemical. Cleaning a greasy kitchen floor requires the correct cleaning method. This will include applying the correct cleaning solution with the necessary dwell time to break down the grease and then removing all the residue for disposal. The best equipment for this is the Kaivac Univac Kitchen Cleaner. The Univac will leave the floors clean, dry, sanitised and grease-free in less than half the time of traditional cleaning methods.


What should I mop my floors with?

Mopping was designed for spreading, mops do not remove the residue. If using a mop, only use this for spreading the cleaning fluid, then the residue can be removed with high flow fluid extraction and we recommend the Univac.


Why are my floors never clean?

Floors become dirty by foot traffic or spillages, the heavier the traffic the dirtier the floor. Often mops are used to attempt to clean the floor and often with too much cleaning chemical as mops are ineffective as a method of cleaning. The residue left behind attracts more dust and dirt and therefore becomes dirty faster, not only is this unsightly it also causes a slip hazard. Using a system that applies cleaning fluid, agitates, and then removes all the residue, daily, leaving the floor clean, dry and slip-free is the most professional way of cleaning floors. We recommend the Kaivac Stretch for larger areas and retail spaces and the Kaivac Univac for kitchen floors.


How often should you deep clean kitchen floors?

Never, good daily cleaning of kitchen floors will negate the need for deep cleaning. Using a machine like the Kaivac Univac Kitchen Cleaner daily with the correct cleaning process will leave floors ‘food prep’ clean, grease-free, and dry, and dramatically reduce the chances of slip and fall accidents.

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