Innovative Cleaning Solutions

We’re seeing more contracts today being won or lost based on finding innovative solutions in both cleaning equipment and cleaning processes. Most FM companies and cleaning contractors are looking for equipment and processes that save time, which is the biggest cost factor, and give better, and more measurable results.

At Rawlins we are continually searching for new equipment and processes that can bring these benefits to you. We aim to bring you the most efficient and effective cleaning in the industry by innovating in processes, methods, products, and services. We intend to always be at the forefront of innovation in the cleaning industry and will to continue to challenge tradition by bringing innovative cleaning solutions in the years ahead.

All of our innovative cleaning solutions aim to give you a healthy return on investment and measurable results on your daily cleaning schedule.

Our latest innovations include the RenClean Escalator Cleaning System, the Kaivac No-Touch Cleaning System, and the SpaceVac High Reach Cleaning System. All of which are used to clean completely different areas of a building or facility, but each offering a new, efficient, and innovative process to cleaning.

See a selection of our innovative cleaning solutions below.

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