Kaivac No-Touch Cleaning System

The Kaivac No-Touch Cleaning System is designed for total soil removal, which enables workers to clean hygienically without having to touch contaminated surfaces.

Scientific Cleaning

Many ‘cleaning’ processes involve mops and cloths which do not remove dirt, they only spread the dirt around. The Kaivac No-Touch Cleaning process is based on the removal of the maximum amount of soils by combining an automatic chemical metering and injection system, an indoor pressure washer and a powerful wet vacuum into an integrated system.

Using an ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) meter, we can measure the level of contamination on a surface in seconds, before and after cleaning. Kaivac is scientifically proven to clean significantly better than traditional cleaning methods.

Reduced Costs

  • LABOUR - Sanitise washrooms in just one third of the time usually required.
  • EQUIPMENT - Our multipurpose systems help eliminate unnecessary equipment.
  • CHEMICALS - Automatic dosage reduces costly waste.
  • PRODUCTIVITY - No-Touch Cleaning dramatically increases productivity compared with traditional methods.

Chop the Mop

A recent scientific study compared the effectiveness of flat mops with the Kaivac No-Touch Cleaning process, measuring bacteria removal in grout lines against mopping.

The results showed that No-Touch Cleaning was 60 times more efficient in removing bacteria from grout lines than mopping, which is more likely to spread contamination than remove it.

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Featured Products

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  • Kaivac 2150 No-Touch Cleaning System

    The Kaivac 2150 is the original No-Touch Cleaning machine. It is designed with the largest capacity and strength for the most demanding of cleaning challenges. It’s perfect for larger jobs or facilities, like airports, stadiums, factories and more.
  • Kaivac 1750 No-Touch Cleaning System

    The Kaivac 1750 No Touch System has the power to remove dirt and bacteria from heavily contaminated areas. Manufactured for complete soil removal, the system allows users to clean hygienically without needing to touch polluted surfaces. The 1750 model combines high capacity and compact size at an attractive price to deliver exceptional value. Features removable 'black box' engine compartment for rapid repair & exchange and has a 64 litre solution capacity.

    The Kaivac 1750 provides excellent cleaning results by removing dirt in the trickiest places, such as grout lines, fixtures and congested areas that can't be reached by other cleaning tools. This is due to the indoor pressure washer, chemical injection and wet vacuum technologies. By completely flushing out and removing impurities, the system is guaranteed to provide a clean and sterile surface. 

    By simply spraying cleaning solution on hard surfaces, users are able to instantly break down and remove dirt with the high pressure water spray. The built-in vacuum adds to the finishing touches by removing the remains. It has been proven that the No Touch Cleaning System is 60 times more likely to remove bacteria from intricate surfaces compared to mopping, which is more likely to spread germs.

    Common uses: Restrooms, kitchens, lockers and gyms, carpet cleaning, weather related cleaning outside areas.

  • Kaivac 1250 No-Touch Cleaning System

    The 1250 model is designed for smaller facilities and budgets such as schools, hospitals and clinics, nursing homes, restaurants, groceries, offices and more. Boasting a 45 litre solution capability, these innovative systems not only clean better, but they also cut labour, chemical and equipment costs while raising worker morale and image.

  • Kaivac AutoVac™ Stretch™

    Manufactured for large surface areas, the Kaivac Autovac Stretch is a high-performing, high-speed cleaning system with extreme soil removal technology. Perfect for areas such as warehouses, hallways, fitness areas, and cafeterias. The recycling option also allows excellent cleaning range and productivity without the loss of cleaning effectiveness.

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Frequently Asked Questions

So what makes Kaivac No-Touch cleaning the best solution for your business needs? Here are some of the innovations and capabilities to look for in a cleaning system if you’re aiming to maximise productivity and sanitation:

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