Matrix steam cleaning machines offer several amazing features, and we are confident that we have a cleaning machine that can provide the solution you are looking for.
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Featured Products

  • Matrix SO4 Steam Cleaner

    A revolutionised steam-cleaning system providing excellent cleaning results in heavily soiled areas. The Matrix SO4 is a lightweight, compact and powerful system designed for heavy-duty use.  Instantly cleans and features an antibacterial system that has been scientifically proven to eliminate bacteria such as MRSA. Suitable for commercial and housekeeping environments.

  • Matrix SV4 Steam Cleaner

    Providing excellent cleaning results, the Matrix SV4 penetrates polluted surfaces with high temperature steam. Also allowing this powerful system to sanitise and kill bacteria in the most cost-effective and eco-friendly way. Equipped with a powerful vacuum system, this ensures surfaces are clean, dry and germ-free. Comes with full steam and vacuum tool kit as standard.

  • Matrix SO8 Steam Cleaner

    The Matrix SO8 provides high-powered steam cleaning in any housekeeping or commercial setting. Producing steam at high temperatures, this allows the system to penetrate through tough soil and grease. Not only does this offer excellent cleaning results, but it has been scientifically proven against bacteria such as MRSA. Ensuring surfaces are clean and sterile for immediate use.

  • Matrix SV8 Steam Cleaner

    Remove heavy dirt and grease the eco-friendly way with the high-powered Matrix SV8 steam machine. A powerful, compact system that will achieve excellent cleaning results within minutes. Producing high temperature steam combined with an integral vacuum system makes this the perfect tool for deep cleaning. Suitable for commercial environments.

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