Matrix SO4 Steam Cleaner

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A revolutionised steam-cleaning system providing excellent cleaning results in heavily soiled areas. The Matrix SO4 is a lightweight, compact and powerful system designed for heavy-duty use.  Instantly cleans and features an antibacterial system that has been scientifically proven to eliminate bacteria such as MRSA. Suitable for commercial and housekeeping environments.



Taking steam cleaning to a new level, the Matrix SO4 is a powerful yet compact steam-only cleaning machine. A 4.5 pressure bar system designed for heavily stained and soiled areas that require steam only.

The Matrix SO4 surpasses traditional cleaning methods such as water and detergent. Steam cleaning takes an environmentally friendly approach and uses less water and detergents. When bacteria and unwanted microbes come into contact with steam, this destroys them even down to the deepest pores of the soiled surface. It has also been scientifically proven to be an effective antibacterial system proven against hospital bacteria including MRSA.

Assembled from stainless steel featuring a fill boiler system allowing operators to refill at any time while in use. This lightweight and easy-to-use machine also offers flexibility and excellent cleaning results. Perfect for frequent heavy-duty cleaning in commercial and housekeeping environments. Also reduces cost and cleaning due to lower water usage and saving labour costs.

Comes with Full Steam Only tool kit and accessory bag as standard.



Wattage - 2100 watts

Type - Stainless steel

Capacity - 1.8 litres

Continuous fill - Yes

Steam pressure - 4.5 bar

Steam temp. at source 165°C>


Voltage - 240 volts ~ single phase

Low voltage controls - 5 volts

Power cord length - 10 metres

Nominal input power - 2150 watts

Hand-arm vibration level - <2.5m/s


Boiler - 1.8 litres

Cold water tank - 5 litres (easy fill)


Height - 46cm

Depth - 42cm

Width - 32cm

Net weight - 12kg

Package height - 60cm

Package depth - 49cm

Package width - 41cm

Package gross weight - 16kg