How do you measure how clean your building or facility is? Is it by how tidy the place is? Is it just by looking at the floors and surfaces and seeing whether they ‘look’ clean? Is it by smell?

All the above are indicators of cleanliness, however, often a floor or surface that looks clean can be highly contaminated and sometimes a worn floor looks dirty when it is clean. There must be another, more scientific and accurate way to measure cleanliness.  

Fortunately, there IS another way. ATP (Adenosine TriPhosphate) testing is an affordable and easy to use method of testing cleanliness in a scientific way. ATP testing use meters that measure the levels of ATP, which is a universal energy molecule found in all animal, plant, bacterial, yeast and mould cells. This method of measuring cleanliness is commonly used in the food industry to test for cleanliness on surfaces. Here are Rawlins we have just extended the use of ATP to check for cleanliness on floors and touch points (for instance in a washroom).

We test both before and after cleaning, so that you can see the measurable result. We will test the levels of ATP on your floors and/or surfaces, then carry out a demonstration of our innovative cleaning equipment, using the most effective cleaning processes. We will then retest the floor using the ATP meter, so that you can see the difference!  

The measurable results shown will also help you to justify the return on investment on new cleaning equipment and processes. Use our 'Request Free Demo' option to see our equipment, processes and results in action! 

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