Motorscrubber FORCE

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Transform your scrubber dryer into the ultimate cleaning machine. Utilising the power, clean water and suction from a scrubber dryer users can go for hours, deep cleaning large and smaller spaces. Contact us for your scrubber drier fitting kit (from £135) and fitting (from £130).



The MotorScrubber FORCE is a heavy-duty accessory tool for your medium or large scrubber dryer. It brings you precise cleaning around smaller spaces, such as stairs, toilet cubicles and under tables. Combined with a scrubber dryer users can clean large spaces for a long period of time due to the hefty water capacity and long battery life. Making sure your environment is clean and spotless. This saves you from extra labour costs and having to use less effective cleaning methods such as mopping.

For 12 years, Motorscrubber have been dominating in cleaning small spaces. By adding this great addition to your scrubber dryer, you will have the power to clean and dry anywhere at one time. This is like no other scrubber dryer on the market.

The FORCE is easy to use as it allows you to connect your scrubber dryer using one hose. The FORCE utilises the power, clean water, and suction from the scrubber drier, meaning there are no additional batteries to charge or tanks to fill or empty.