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Kaivac Omniflex™ - Daily floor cleaning and specialty cleaning

It has been proven that traditional cleaning methods like mops are ineffective. Instead of removing germs, they spreads germs around which promotes the risk of cross contamination. In fact, bacteria thrives off warm damp environments like mops, making them the perfect habitat for germs to grow. The thought of using that same mop to ‘clean’ defeats the whole purpose of cleaning. 

The Kaivac OmniFlex Machines are the answer to complete soil and bacteria removal. Leaving floor surfaces clean and safe for all environments. 

Kaivac SUV

The Kaivac SUV completely exceeds all traditional cleaning methods. This is because the high-powered system replaces mops, buckets, wet vacuums and even scrubber driers. Who needs the traditional cleaning trolley when the Kaivac SUV is the go-to for crossover cleaning?

Powered by a Lithium-ion battery, combined with precision and flexibility, this high-speed walk-behind machine makes cleaning in tight, congested areas a lot easier and faster. The Kaivac SUV performs 3 times faster than mopping.

Moreover, the spill pick-up and response feature allow the SUV to rapidly remove spillage to ensure safety for all, making them perfect for weather-related cleaning. The SUV converts into a high performing machine for hallways, entrances, gyms, shopping centres, cafeterias, restrooms and other large areas.

Kaivac Univac

Kitchens and dining areas are exposed to liquids, contaminants and grease. Not only is this unhygienic, but it also increases slip and fall accidents, creating an unsafe walking surface.

The Kaivac Univac is the perfect solution for daily kitchen and dining cleaning. Designed to completely remove soil and contaminants, it is a compact machine that makes cleaning significantly easier while removing water, grease, and bacteria off kitchen floors. Plus, the integrated vacuum extraction feature provides Immediate results for clean, dry and safe floors.

Like other Kaivac systems, the Univac is powered by a quick charge Lithium-ion battery and is significantly and scientifically better and faster at removing debris and bacteria compared to mopping.

Kaivac Autovac Stretch

A simple solution for cleaning larger areas with hard surfaces. The Kaivac Stretch is an innovative walk-behind machine that features advanced debris and water removal technology while offering seamless results on hard surfaces. In addition, this advanced feature allows operators to reuse the cleaning solution without losing effectiveness. Conserving water and lessening chemical usage which translates into lower cleaning costs and a quick return on investment.


The AutoVac is a high-powered automated machine that completely surpasses the traditional janitorial trolley and cleaning mop. Delivering excellent cleaning results, the AutoVac completely removes dirt, moisture and debris, providing an immaculate floor finish. Not only does this prevent slip and fall accidents, but it also minimises the risk of cross contamination.

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Featured Products

  • OmniFlex AutoVac Complete Unit 240v

    The OmniFlex AutoVac is a crossover scrubber drier that cleans as well and as fast as a traditional walk-behind or ride-on scrubber drier at a fraction of the cost!

  • OmniFlex SUV Complete

    The OmniFlex™ SUV™ combines high speed push-behind cleaning (for large areas), with the precision and flexibility of a vacuum wand (for smaller areas or grouted floors).
  • Kaivac AutoVac™ Stretch™

    Manufactured for large surface areas, the Kaivac Autovac Stretch is a high-performing, high-speed cleaning system with extreme soil removal technology. Perfect for areas such as warehouses, hallways, fitness areas, and cafeterias. The recycling option also allows excellent cleaning range and productivity without the loss of cleaning effectiveness.

  • Kaivac UniVac (Battery Version)

    The UniVac™ system is a compact adaptation of Kaivac’s multi awardwinning Dispense-andVac system. This onefill “no-mop” cleaning machine offers a simple approach to cleaner, safer floors in a nimble singlepiece package, ideal for congested areas with limited storage

  • Kaivac Univac (Corded Version)

    The 1250 model is designed for smaller facilities and budgets such as schools, hospitals and clinics, nursing homes, restaurants, groceries, offices and more. Boasting a 45 litre solution capability, these innovative systems not only clean better, but they also cut labour, chemical and equipment costs while raising worker morale and image.

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Frequently Asked Questions

So what makes OmniFlex™ Crossover Cleaning the best solution for your business needs? Here are some of the innovations and capabilities to look for in a cleaning system if you’re aiming to maximise productivity and sanitation:

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