OmniFlex Microfibre Trolley System

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A complete multipurpose microfibre system for hygienic mopping. Using the OmniFlex™ trolley to dispense clean solution to the floor makes microfibre mopping as hygienic as possible.


The patented Microfiber Trolley System is the most flexible and low cost microfiber cleaning and finishing system available today. It combines the versatile self-dispensing OmniFlex Trolley-Bucket, high capacity vinyl trash and supply bags, an interlocking bin system, colour-coded microfiber technology, and foolproof worker-friendly process.

Customising your own system is really easy. Simply purchase the OmniFlex Trolley-Bucket and then add bags, bins and accessories as needed. Or, for maximum value and convenience, Kaivac offers a preconfigured package that includes the Trolley-Bucket and four bins.