OmniFlex Trolley-Bucket

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The start of the OmniFlex™ modular system, the sturdy OmniFlex Trolley Bucket allows you to dispense cleaning solution, stripper or polish straight to the floor.


The patented OmniFlex™ Trolley-Bucket is the most versatile mop bucket available today. For starters, it makes an ideal mop bucket/wringer combo for traditional cleaning, but it also does a lot more. Its self-dispensing spigot is perfect for applying fresh cleaning solution, degreaser, stripper, floor finish and gym finish quickly and flawlessly. Plus, when you’re ready, simply add OmniFlex™ components to build a custom hygienic cleaning system that fits your exact needs.

Considering all that the Trolley-Bucket offers, why would you ever buy another standard mop bucket again?