P-Wave® Washroom Deodorisers

P-Wave® washroom deodorisers are possibly the best washroom deodorisers on the market today. The best selling Urinal deodoriser, designed to keep urinals clean by minimising splash, bad smelling bacteria and to leave a pleasant fragrance – P-Wave® attacks the bad smells at source. All P-Wave® products last for a full thirty days giving constant refreshing pleasant fragrance all the time.

P-Wave® has a whole range of products to keep your washrooms selling fresh; from their best selling Urinal Screens, Bowl clips, P-Curve's which can be stuck 'almost anywhere', trough screens and much more! All products are packed full of fragrance and are the best on the market, to keep your washrooms smelling fresh and welcoming!

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Frequently Asked Questions

So what is the advantage of P-Wave® over other forms of air fresheners for the washroom?

  • How do you change the pads?

    P-Wave® is so easy to handle and change that any cleaning or maintenance team can handle it, no need for a costly rental program.

  • How do they work?

    P-Wave® utilises a special technology where the fragrance is impregnated into the plastic of the product. The fragrance slowly evaporates over the 30-day period giving a constant fragrance. As each system has the same fragrances you are able to layer fragrances in a facility.

  • Why are there different types?

    P-Wave® attacks odour at source, therefore there is a system for all sources. All P-Wave® systems last for 30 days and give out continuous fragrance. P-Wave® contains two to three times the fragrance of competitive products, that is why they last so long.

  • How do I know when to change them?

    The new P-Wave® urinal deodoriser comes with a calendar system that can be set to remind you when to change out, the Easy Fresh system has an LED light that turns from green to red when it's time to change, easy!

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