P-Wave Slant6 Urinal Screen (pack of 10)

£40.50 (Excl. VAT)

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The P-Wave® Slant6 Urinal Mats releases optimised bacteria that kills bacteria and eliminate odours for 30 days before you replace.

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£40.50 (Excl. VAT)


P-Wave® Slant6 - A new angle on urinals. Zero splash, minimum plastic, maximum fragrance. The new Slant6 Urinal Mats are possibly the best urinal screens on the market today. Designed to keep urinals and provides zero splash. They also help reduce bacteria while leaving a pleasant fragrance. 

All P-Wave® products last for a full 30 days giving a constant refreshing fragrance. The P-Wave® Urinal Screen are now 50% less plastic compared to comepting urinal screens. This also makes them 100% recycable and rapidly biodegrades at landfills. The revolutionary design reduces splash back - cutting cleaning time by up to 50%. Safe for use in waterless urinals.