Pacvac Back Pack Vacuum

Pacvac’s commercial backpack vacuum cleaners are a great choice for the professional cleaning industry. The lightweight backpacks are designed to fit all body shapes providing optimal comfort and freedom of movement. Back Pack vacuums are standout performers against both canisters and uprights, which can save valuable time and money.

Wearable Comfort

Pacvac’s unique backpack vacuum design ensures optimal user comfort.

Lightweight and Effortless

Designed to be lightweight to deliver an effortless and tireless cleaning experience.

Freedom to Move

By carrying our vacuums on your back you experience an unparalleled level of freedom of movement whilst cleaning.

High Filtration for Cleaner Air

Featuring HEPA rated filtration to deliver cleaner indoor air quality.

Commercial Grade

Pacvac’s backpack vacuums are manufactured to be both reliable and durable, ensuring machine longevity.

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