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Quantum AFT 60 Air Sterilisation System - Surface Mounted

Excluding Vat

The Q60 Surface mounted or portable Air Steriliser has been developed for use in the prevention of cross-contamination in laboratory, hospital and food manufacturing environments, now available for office, retail, transport and education.



Destroys airborne bacteria, moulds and spores, all families of viruses and eliminates odours. Suitable for all microbiological, food testing, food manufacturing and pathology laboratories and Hospital wards.

Use of the unit ensures better compliance with Good Laboratory Practice.
For optimum risk reduction employ 10 air changes per hour in high-risk environments and 6 changes per hour in low-risk areas. Contact Rawlins Head Office technical team if assistance is required for planning full coverage.


  • Built around the revolutionary Quantum Active Field
  • Complete destruction of air-borne pathogens and biohazards and removal or particulate.
  • Final Quantum Filter system removes particulate below 0.1
    micron and significantly outperforms conventional HEPA
  • Assists with proactive environmental protection policy in
    line with BSI S.O 17025.
  • Higher Airflow Rate than H.E.P.A. or UV means faster and
    more effective kill rates.
  • Simple ductless installation and user-friendly filter clean
  • Case coated in HSE approved ‘bacteria static’ poly epoxy
    powder, also available in 316 stainless steel.
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