Kitchens are high risk areas for the following reasons: 

1. Grease and spills causing slip and fall accidents, with sharp objects and boiling liquids increasing the likelihood of a catastrophic accident.

2. Food preparation areas can transfer bacteria and viruses to the human body via food, one of the fastest ways to cause infection.


At Rawlins we have always been promoting the need for REMOVAL of dirt as opposed to simply moving the dirt around, which is the result of mopping and wiping.

In addition to this, with adopting regular daily cleaning, instead of relying on deep cleans, all that is necessary is the removal of today’s dirt, which is simple and quick by using the correct processes.

The best way of applying our high flow fluid extraction (remove) method in a kitchen is with the Univac. Due to the complexity of a kitchen layout,  with often many work areas, as well as ovens, shelving, the type of flooring and necessity to remove oils and fats, the battery Univac allows for fast removal of soils even under kitchen equipment.

Kitchen worksurfaces and canteen tables can be cleaned using the KaiFly method. The KaiFly method combines the use of microfibre, a window squeegee and chemical injection technologies to rapidly remove harmful contaminants.

Key Benefits of UniVac™

Up to 60 times better at removing soil and contaminants than mopping

Reduces cleaning times and chemical costs while producing better results

Reduces the risk of costly slips and falls

Optimised for high grease environments like food service and industrial facilities

Cuts water use by up to 75%

Reduces chemical use by two-thirds or more

Easy to maintain and repair — no technician needed

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Cleaning with the above remove process will greatly improve the cleanliness of a kitchen even the first time it is used. This can be proven by taking ATP measurements before and after the process. We find that the after ATP readings are on average less than 10 which would be classed as a pass in a food preparation unit.

The Univac system along with the correct chemistry will win the war on grease, floor surfaces are improved and regain their original slip-coefficient as when they were installed. This process is also faster for the operatives, often cutting cleaning time in half, and more rewarding as they can see and measure their results. Cleaning with this process will show remarkable results, even the first time. This system is also very consistent in use, we can show through ATP testing that kitchen floor is left clean enough to eat off and grease free, virtually eliminating slip and fall accidents. Our Univac can also be used for quick clean-up of spills, leaving the surface completely dry in seconds. 

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Once surfaces have been cleaned and improved, the next stage we recommend is to protect. We suggest protecting them with GermErase C19 which will give up- What is the difference between GermErase and your average surface disinfectant? GermErase will last for prolonged periods of time, in comparison to a normal surface disinfectant which will last up to 48 hours. Main touch points should be treated every seven days and the whole kitchen fogged or sprayed every twenty-eight days for the very best protection.

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