Air Sterilisation

Air Sterilisation

air bacteria

One area of concern in recent times has been air quality. How can we prevent the spread of airborne pathogens as well as remove pollutants and unpleasant odours from the air in our facilities? Air sterilisation, where the air can be sterilised in a single pass, is the answer along with 10-15 air changes per hour.

Our air sterilisation units that use Quantum active field technology are probably the best in their field. Quantum active field technology destroys pathogens and pollutants in a novel way by bombarding them with supercharged electrons within a faraday cage.

Our washable electrostatic filters then remove all impurities and release oxygen. Due to the efficacy of our system and the open weave of our filters power consumption is 10-20 less than using a system with HEPA filters.

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