Univac Kitchen Floor Cleaning

At Rawlins we have always been promoting the need for REMOVAL of dirt as opposed to simply moving the dirt around, which is the result of mopping and wiping.

In addition to this, with adopting regular daily cleaning, instead of relying on deep cleans, all that is necessary is the removal of today’s dirt, which is simple and quick by using the correct processes.

The best way of applying our high flow fluid extraction (remove) method in a kitchen is with the Univac. Due to the complexity of a kitchen layout,  with often many work areas, as well as ovens, shelving, the type of flooring and necessity to remove oils and fats, the battery Univac allows for fast removal of soils even under kitchen equipment.

Kitchen worksurfaces and canteen tables can be cleaned using the KaiFly method. The KaiFly method combines the use of microfibre, a window squeegee and chemical injection technologies to rapidly remove harmful contaminants.

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The best way to evaluate the performance of our equipment is to see a demonstration, please use this form to book and we’ll be in touch.

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