Return On Investment with Cleaning

Return On Investment is often key to the decision making process in all business decisions. More than 80% of cleaning costs is labour, and we often find that equipment even sits idle in store cupboards.

In this section we will show how using up-to-date and modern cleaning processes and machinery can not only give a better, scientific based cleaning results, but are also quicker and less laborious. This gives a quick return on investment on your cleaning equipment purchases, by saving on labour, equipment and chemicals.

Whilst we know a better clean is always a desired outcome, it is the cost of that clean that often determines whether a new process is adopted or not. All our systems are designed to give not only a repeatable superior result, but to also save the contractor time, which is the highest cost and, therefore, make the return on investment fast.

Example 1: A shopping centre invests in RENClean Escalator Cleaning and Kaivac No-Touch Cleaning and saves £34,000 per year.

Example 2: A shopping centre invests in Kaivac No-Touch Cleaning and achieves a return on investment in 6 months, with a yearly saving of £15,000.

The decision to change is an easy one. You can, of course, hit the ‘Test Drive’ button and ask us to come out and demonstrate any ROI model.

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