SystemSURE Plus ATP Sanitation Monitoring System

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Hygiena's™ SystemSURE Plus is the world's best-selling ATP Sanitation Monitoring System. With improved functionality, new software, and increased memory, the SystemSURE Plus meets the demands of any company, big or small.



  • Sensitive - can detect down to 1 femtomole (1 x 10-15 moles) of ATP 
  • Advanced photodiode sensor offers low variation and stays in calibration 
  • Calibration self-check at start up with optional full diagnostic check mode 
  • Symbol keypad is easy for any user to understand and navigate 
  • Powered by 2 x AA batteries for several months of uninterrupted use 
  • Memory capacity: 
  • 100 programmable test plans
  • 200 programmable user IDs
  • 251 programmable locations per test plan 
  • 5,000 programmable test locations 
  • Small, lightweight, handheld instrument (0.57 lbs., 7.6 x 17.8 x 3 cm) 
  • Quick-test mode enables ad-hoc testing
  • Large viewable screen with back-light and optional bold text
  • Removable read chamber for easy cleaning 
  • Connects to SureTrend software via USB