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UniVac® - Compact One-Fill Machine


No floor is too greasy or dirty for the UniVac. This smart, versatile machine removes dirt from grout, and crud from corners, and then vacuums it all away faster and more effectively than a mop.

Kaivac Univac Cleaning System

UniVac is a simple, efficient method for cleaning floors in congested areas with limited storage space. With its extreme cleaning abilities, it can effectively remove even the heaviest soils and grease while leaving floors clean and dry.

  1. Powerful Wet Vacuum completely removes soils and contaminants from every area of multi-surface floors.
  2. 45L Combined Solution/Recovery Tank reduces the footprint for convenient storage and manoeuvrability
  3. Versatile Vacuum Wand clean and vacuum floors, beneath fixtures, and seating with a squeegee head and grout brush.
  4. Easy Flushing Dump Hose (not shown) allows the contents of the vacuum tank to be quickly drained into the toilet or sink.
  5. Variable Flow Valve controls the amount of solution discharged to the floor. It increases efficiency while also enhancing results..
  6. Lithium-Ion Battery Pack (optional) allows for highly mobility cordless operation with short charging time.
  7. Ergonomic Spreader rapidly spreads and agitates the cleaning solution for best cleaning results.

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Features + Beneifits of Univac Vacuum

Cleaner Floors

The renowned soil removal technology from Kiavac cleans grouted floors 60 times better than mopping. It gets all of your floors clean enough to eat from, according to rigorous scientific measurement.

Faster Cleaning

UniVac has been shown in case studies to save cleaning times by up to 25% while producing dramatically better cleaning results.

Simple To Learn & Use

It's a lot more convenient and efficient than mopping. Instead of using a mop and bucket, any employee can learn to use the UniVac easily.

Easy To Clean

Cleaning up after use is a simple thanks to the quick draining feature.

Easy To Transport & Store

The UniVac's small footprint and compact size make it suitable for crowded kitchens with limited storage space. The UniVac takes up less room than a traditional mop and bucket.

Rapid ROI

Faster cleaning times, lower maintenance costs, chemical savings, safer flooring, and better customer impressions all add up to a speedy payback.

Book A Free Demo

Why not book a free on-site no obligation demostration to fully appreciate the benefits of Univac Machine and see for yourself the outstanding results.

Waging A War On Grease

We will showcase our high-flow fluid extraction UniVac Machine, which make light work of removing greasy substances, leaving a clean and dry surface.

Sustainability - Univac Green Seal Innovation Certification


The Kaivac Univac cleaning systems have gained Green Seal's Environmental Innovation Certification. Green Seal conferred certification based on lower environmental toxicity, waste minimization, the use of proven environmentally preferable products, and energy and water conservation.


Reduces water use by 66% or more compared to competing products

Clean Water

Reduces pollution from floor cleaning operations by resuing cleaning solution up to seven times before disposing of it.

Protects Human Health

Reduces cleaning chemical use by 65% through a unqiue recycling function.