Victory Handheld Electrostatic Sprayer

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Achieving excellent cleaning results, the Victory Handheld Electrostatic Sprayer offers hours of spray time and allows users to clean quickly and efficiently. The high-performing machine is patented with electrostatic charge technology, allowing them to wrap conductive surfaces with an effective and even coverage.



The Electrostatic Sprayer is a professional handheld machine ideal for fast, efficient cleaning. Manufactured with electrostatic technology, this allows users to spray cleaning solution evenly, covering more surface areas without touching contaminated surfaces. In addition, it reduces labour, minimises cleaning costs and ensures even tight places and grout lines are covered.

The cordless sprayer is a practical solution for maximum coverage without the hassle of dragging a cord. Also engineered to coat up to 150 to 175 square metres on a full tank of 1 litre fluids.  

Key features:

  • Uses less cleaning solution
  • Ergonomic features including lock for comfort and safety
  • Hours of spray time
  • Lightweight even with a full single tank
  • Patented with electrostatic charge


  • 3400 mAh Lithium Ion Battery(4 hours Spray Time )
  • Positive Electrostatic charge
  • Micron Sizes 40/80/110 FlowRates 82/106/325 ml/min
  • 3-4 feet spray range
  • 1.7 Kg in weight (incl battery)
  • CE marked
  • 8 Bar
  • 1 Litre tank


  • Completely portable
  • On / Off electrostatic switch
  • Double locking tank
  • Self sealing tank
  • Trigger lock
  • 3 way interchangeablenozzle
  • Wrapping effect
  • Air intake vents
  • Stainless steel groundingstrip
  • Quiet operation
  • Automatic torch at tip ofnozzle
  • Hard travel case