Viper AS430C/510 17 Inch Scrubber Dryer (Cable powered)

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High powered scrubber dryer ideal for medium sized areas with mid to heavy-traffic. High tank capacity allows operates to clean for longer with just one fill. Strong scrubbing power agitates even the toughest stains to provide a safe and clean floor surface.



The AS430C/510 Scrubber Dryer is high-powered machine ideal for scrubbing and drying medium to heavy-traffic areas. Perfect for areas such as restaurants, schools, hotels, hospitals, metro/train stations and shopping centres. Simply walk behind the scrubber dryer to watch it work its magic. Due to the high tank capacity, users are able to clean for longer with just one fill. Easy to use with a built-in charger, reduced pushing force and ergonomic benefits that provides better handling. Cable powered.

  • High powered machine
  • Reduced pushing force
  • High tank capacity
  • Easy to use and fill
  • Ergonomic stop/start switch

Technical specifications 

Brush speed (rpm): 160

Productivity rate (m²/ h): 1600

Brush pressure (kg): 35 max

Cable length (M)/ plug type: 20

Brush/pad diameter (mm): 430

Net weight (kg): 70

Sound pressure level (dB(A)): 72

Dimensions, L x W x H (mm): 1200x610x1170

Solution tank (l): 50

Recovery tank (l): 50

Squeegee width (mm): 730

Vacuum motor power (W): 400

Brush motor (W): 750

Max. loading weight (kg): 1200

Vacuum (mm H2O): 120