Redefining Return On Investment

Innovation is a buzz word in our industry. Clients demand it, contracts can be won and lost on it and often more budget can be freed up if the products are deemed innovative.

This can lead to sourcing innovation for the sake of it, in order to tick a box, which doesn’t add value and may end up as a costly red herring.

At Rawlins, we guarantee a high return on investment - allowing you to invest smarter, and deliver a ‘Return on Innovation’.

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Industrial Cleaning Equipment & Matting

We inspire. We challenge. We care.

Denis Rawlins Ltd was founded in 1969 and has been supplying commercial and industrial cleaning equipment and matting into businesses, industry, and the public sector ever since. The foundations of Rawlins have been built on strong traditions of quality, care, speed of delivery and exceptional customer service.

Over the years, the Rawlins product range and service offering has really evolved. Our focus is to source the most innovative cleaning solutions, which offer a healthy return on investment and scientific results that can be measured.  These make up the three pillars of our unique business proposition within the cleaning industry.


We aim to bring you more efficient and effective cleaning by innovating in processes, methods, products, and services. We intend to always be at the forefront of innovation in the cleaning industry, and to continue to challenge tradition by bringing new and efficient solutions in the years ahead.

Return on Investment

We understand the return on investment (ROI) is key in the business decision making process. That’s why we guarantee that any innovative solution that we bring to you will save you both time and money, giving you a fast return on investment. As well as saving time and money, you will also get more consistent and repeatable results than when using traditional cleaning methods.

Measurable Results

All of our innovations can be scientifically proven to give superior results over traditional cleaning methods. This ability to measure allows us to understand the quality of the result, and the ROI in comparison to traditional methods.

The three pillars of our business are built around our vision – ‘we inspire, we challenge, we care’. We want to inspire the cleaning industry to challenge traditional cleaning methods, because we care about helping you improve your results, both financially and hygienically. We believe that if cleaning is done regularly with modern methods, and measured, then expensive deep cleans will be a thing of the past!

If you’d like to contact us for a free demonstration, simply call us on 0121 351 4444 or complete a ‘Test Drive’ form.

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  • "We are happy to endorse this product as a great cleaning tool when applied in the correct manner and in accordance with escalator and cleaning manufacturer instructions.   We were very satisfied with the cleaning results and the minimal time and effort required to use the tool." - Steve Johnson, Key Account Manager, Schindler.
  • "I couldn't be happier with RENclean!" - Rob Faulkner, General Manager, The Brunel.
  • “The staff really like RENclean!” - Brett McPhee, Environmental Services Coordinator, INTU Shopping Centre.
  • "Ren Clean is totally fabulous, thanks again, an amazing piece of kit" - Service Support Manager, Mitie.
  • "Absolutely blown away, not only by Space Vac's quality, but also by their outstanding customer service. The team were extremely accommodating and flexible with setting up an out of hours demonstration." - Jane Doe, BMW.

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