Keeping a commercial kitchen floor clean is of paramount importance for various reasons. It ensures the health and safety of everyone who works in or visits the kitchen, maintains compliance with hygiene and safety regulations, enhances the efficiency of kitchen operations, and creates a positive impression on customers.

A clean and well-maintained floor prevents the build-up of harmful bacteria, reduces the risk of slips and falls, and improves the overall aesthetic of the kitchen. By investing time and resources in regular cleaning and maintenance of the kitchen floor, you can ensure a safe, efficient, and welcoming environment that promotes customer satisfaction and loyalty.

In this blog, we will provide step-by-step instructions with innovative cleaning machines on how to effectively clean a greasy commercial kitchen floor to ensure a safe and hygienic environment.

Traditional Cleaning Method Vs Univac Cleaning Machine

In a commercial kitchen setting, traditional cleaning methods such as mopping or wiping with soap and water may not be effective in removing stubborn grease and grime from the floor. This is because commercial kitchens are subject to heavy use, with spills and stains accumulating throughout the day. Grease and grime can accumulate on the floor, particularly in areas around cooking equipment, which can make the surface slippery and hazardous. In addition, the commercial kitchen floor is subject to high floor traffic, which can cause dirt and debris to become embedded in the surface. Traditional cleaning methods may not be able to penetrate deep enough to remove these particles effectively.

Moreover, commercial kitchen floors are typically made of a material such as concrete, tile, or quarry, which can be porous and absorbent. This can make it difficult to remove grease and grime from the surface, as the substances can become deeply embedded in the material.

To effectively remove stubborn grease and grime from the commercial kitchen floor, this is where Univac cleaning machine is required. It is designed to penetrate deep into the surface to remove dirt and stain.

So, what is Univac Cleaning Machine?

Univac is a compact one-fill cleaning machine that offers a simple approach to cleaner, safer floors in a nimble single-piece package. Its compact size and exceptional manoeuvrability make it perfect for congested areas with limited storage. Univac is a specialised floor cleaning system that is designed to deep clean and extract dirt and grime from grout lines, tile surfaces, and other hard-to-reach areas, leaving floors sparing clean and dry. Floors are 60 times cleaner than mopping and the job is faster than ever before.


Univac is capable of cleaning even the greasiest, dirtiest floors. This versatile machine can remove grime from grout and curd from corners, then vacuum it away faster and better than mops.

  1. Powerful Wet Vacuum – thoroughly removes dirt and pollutants from every multi-surface floor.
  2. 45L Combined Solution/Recovery Tank – reduces footprint for simple storage and manoeuvrability
  3. The Versatile Vacuum Wand has a squeegee head and a ground brush for cleaning and vacuuming floors, under fixtures, and seating.
  4. The Easy Flushing Dump Hose provides for the rapid dumping of vacuum tank contents into the toilet or sink tank.
  5. Flow Variable Spigot controls how much solution is discharged to the floor. Improves performance while increasing efficiency.
  6. Ergonomic Speed Spreader distributes and agitates the cleaning solution quickly for best cleaning results.

How To Use Univac Machine to Clean Greasy Floors

Cleaning with a Univac is faster and easier than with any other equipment. With its three-step process – dispense, spread, and vacuum, results are consistent and repeatable in every commercial kitchen, no matter who is doing the work.

Cleaning Solution: Fill the System with a mixture of water and solution. The Univac system also uses a specially formulated cleaning solution that is designed to break down grease and oil. Using a spigot, dispense the cleaning solution on the floor - the cleaning solution should be applied to the floor before, scrubbing and extracting the solution. 

Scrubbing: Scrub the floor using the speed scrubber to ensure that the solution is distributed evenly across the surface and that it penetrates any stubborn stains or grime. Scrubbing also helps to agitate the cleaning solution, which can loosen dirt and other particles from the floor.

Deep Cleaning: The floor wand attachment used by the Univac system is specifically designed to deep clean grout lines, tile surfaces, and other hard-to-reach areas where grease and oil can accumulate. This ensures that the entire floor is thoroughly cleaned.

Extraction: The Univac system’s vacuum function is specifically designed to extract water and cleaning solutions from the floor. This helps to remove any remaining grease and oil residues from the surface, leaving the floor clean and dry.


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