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Science Based Cleaning

For the last ten years, Denis Rawlins Ltd has been promoting science-based cleaning, the recent pandemic has shown how important this approach is to ensure that cleaning is the first line of defence against the spread of disease.

Cleaning is an investment in our staff, our customers, our colleagues, and our facilities, therefore a robust scientific approach is necessary. For too many years cleaning has been seen as a cost and therefore quality has been driven down.

We propose a science-led approach that will not only give consistent and repeatable high-quality results but will also result in lower costs and a higher return on investment.

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Return on Innovation

Innovation has become a buzzword in our industry. Innovation should only be driven to give an advantage, a return either on cost, value, or sustainability.

The innovation we bring to our industry will satisfy all three, giving a fast return on investment, add value to you and your clients as well as creating sustainable cleaning practices.

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Sustainable Cleaning

We believe that all cleaning should be sustainable therefore the equipment we provide is designed with sustainability in mind. Why not look at our new Kaivac Autovac Stretch, an everyday cleaning machine that can be used in most facilities for daily cleaning, is Green Seal certified and a sustainable option for daily cleaning.

Our Microbial protectants are designed to lower the use of harsh disinfectants by as much as 100%, are of the highest efficacy and the lowest toxicity.

These are just two of the solutions we offer, contact us for more information or a site visit from one of our team.

Measurable and Repeatable Results

“That which is measured is done” has often been said and there is some truth in this. How do we measure clean? The definition of clean is the removal of unwanted matter, both the seen and unseen. Measuring the result of cleaning is simple if we use something like ATP. Using our cleaning equipment, which is based on the removal of soils, and measuring with ATP, immediately before and after cleaning, allows us to make sure the cleaning process has been effective, and if not redo.

Our equipment makes the processes simple and repeatable, done daily we eliminate the need for a deep clean, elevating the standard of cleaning and keeping it there.

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