Introducing the All Floor™ Cleaning System: Revolutionizing Hygiene and Efficiency

Introducing the All Floor™ Cleaning System: Revolutionizing Hygiene and Efficiency

In the realm of commercial and industrial cleaning, efficiency, efficacy, and hygiene are paramount. With the constant demand for high standards of cleanliness, innovative solutions emerge to meet these needs head-on. Among these solutions stands the All Floor™ Cleaning System from the renowned Kaivac collection. Engineered with precision and built for versatility, the All Floor™ Cleaning System represents a paradigm shift in the way floors are cleaned and maintained.

A Comprehensive Cleaning Solution

The All Floor™ Cleaning System is more than just a mop or a traditional cleaning apparatus; it is a comprehensive system designed to tackle a variety of floor surfaces with unparalleled efficiency. Whether it's hardwood, tile, concrete, or any other type of flooring, this system rises to the challenge, delivering exceptional results every time.

Key Features

  • OmniFlex™ Technology: At the heart of the All Floor™ Cleaning System lies the revolutionary OmniFlex™ technology. This adaptable system allows for quick and effortless configuration changes, enabling operators to switch between different cleaning methods seamlessly. Whether it's mopping, stripping, or scrubbing, the All Floor™ Cleaning System handles it all with ease.
  • Touchless Cleaning: In today's world, where hygiene is of utmost importance, touchless cleaning capabilities are invaluable. The All Floor™ Cleaning System incorporates advanced touchless cleaning technology, reducing the risk of cross-contamination and ensuring a safer, more hygienic environment for both operators and occupants.
  • Versatility: One of the standout features of the All Floor™ Cleaning System is its unparalleled versatility. Equipped with a range of interchangeable components and accessories, this system adapts to various cleaning tasks and surface types effortlessly. From large open areas to tight spaces, the All Floor™ Cleaning System is up to the challenge, delivering consistent results across the board.
  • Efficiency: Time is of the essence in the world of commercial cleaning, and the All Floor™ Cleaning System recognizes that fact. Engineered for maximum efficiency, this system streamlines the cleaning process, reducing labour costs and minimising downtime. With its ergonomic design and intuitive operation, the All Floor™ Cleaning System allows operators to cover more ground in less time, without sacrificing quality.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Investing in the All Floor™ Cleaning System isn't just a purchase; it's an investment in the long-term cleanliness and maintenance of your facility. By eliminating the need for multiple cleaning tools and streamlining the overall cleaning process, this system offers significant cost savings over time. Additionally, its durable construction ensures years of reliable performance, further enhancing its cost-effectiveness.
  • Environmental Sustainability: In an era where environmental sustainability is a top priority for many organisations, the All Floor™ Cleaning System stands out as a leader in eco-friendly cleaning solutions. From its chemical-free cleaning capabilities to its water-saving technology, this system minimises its environmental footprint without compromising on performance.


  • Cleaning Capacity: The All Floor™ Cleaning System is capable of cleaning up to 25,000+ sq ft per hour, making it ideal for both small-scale and large-scale cleaning tasks.
  • Power Source: This system operates on Single or dual lithium-ion batteries, providing ample power for consistent and reliable performance.
  • Dimensions: With dimensions of 109 x 91 x 55 cm, the All Floor™ Cleaning System is compact enough to manoeuvre through tight spaces yet robust enough to tackle even the toughest cleaning challenges.
  • Weight: Weighing in at 52kg, this system strikes the perfect balance between portability and stability, allowing operators to navigate various environments with ease.


In a world where cleanliness and hygiene are non-negotiable, the All Floor™ Cleaning System from Kaivac collection emerges as a beacon of innovation and efficiency. With its cutting-edge technology, unparalleled versatility, and commitment to sustainability, this system sets a new standard for commercial and industrial cleaning solutions. Whether you're tasked with maintaining a small office space or a sprawling industrial complex, the All Floor™ Cleaning System is your ultimate ally in the fight against dirt, grime, and germs. Say goodbye to outdated cleaning methods and hello to a new era of cleanliness with the All Floor™ Cleaning System.


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