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Univac Cleaning Machine

Bid farewell to traditional mops with Kaivac's UniVac. It not only outpaces mopping in terms of ease, speed, and safety but goes a step further by completely eliminating dirt, grease, and other contaminants rather than spreading them around. Elevate your cleaning game with UniVac – where convenience meets effectiveness.

Completely removes soils and contaminants from every area of multi-surface floors.

Reduces the footprint for convenient storage and manoeuvrability.

Clean and vacuum floors, beneath fixtures, and seating with a squeegee head and grout brush.

Allows the contents of the vacuum tank to be quickly drained into the toilet or sink.

Controls the amount of solution discharged to the floor. It increases efficiency while also enhancing results.

Rapidly spreads and agitates the cleaning solution for best cleaning results.

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Remove all Grease!!

No More Mopping

Daily Kitchen & Dining Cleaning

Don’t let dirty, greasy floors drive customers and employees away – or take them down. Grease and contaminants coat food service floors, creating unsanitary and slippery surfaces. Toss the mop and experience the power of vacuum extraction in kitchens, food prep areas, walk-ins, dining rooms, behind bars, and more.

Restroom Cleaning

No area of the building generates more complaints than the restroom, and mops are a primary reason. This “no-mop” solution enables fast and hygienic cleaning of restroom floors, the primary source of those complaints.

Avoid Slip-and-Fall

When it comes to spills, time is of the essence to prevent lasting damage or slip-and-fall injury. Rapid, complete removal of spill contents keeps employees, customers and surfaces safe. Plus floors are clean and dry for immediate use.

Weather-related Cleaning

This portable and maneuverable system is perfect for weather-related cleaning like water, mud, snow and salt pickup for improved floor safety and perfect first impressions. Its nimble maneuverability are perfect for cleaning throughout the day.

Entrance Way Cleaning

Entrance ways are the highest traffic spots in any restaurant or bar building, but they’re also critical for first impressions and safety. Not only can UniVac maintain a safe, appealing entrance, it also helps stop common and weather-related soil from being tracked inside.

Simple To Learn & Use It’s much easier

Kaivac Univac Cleaning Machine

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The renowned soil removal technology from Kiavac cleans grouted floors 60 times better than mopping. It gets all of your floors clean enough to eat from, according to rigorous scientific measurement.

It's a lot more convenient and efficient than mopping. Instead of using a mop and bucket, any employee can learn to use the UniVac easily.

Cleaning up after use is a simple thanks to the quick draining feature.

The UniVac cleaning systems have gained Green Seal's Environmental Innovation Certification. Green Seal conferred certification based on lower environmental toxicity, waste minimization, the use of proven environmentally preferable products, and energy and water conservation.