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AutoVac Stretch

Discover the AutoVac Stretch – your intelligent solution for floor care. With enhanced efficiency, user-friendly operation, and a significantly lower cost compared to alternative autoscrubber options, the AutoVac Stretch stands out as the optimal choice for your floor maintenance program.

What sets it apart is its ability to reduce chemical consumption by 66% and water usage by 75%, aligning seamlessly with LEED requirements for eco-friendly cleaning equipment. Ideal for various commercial flooring types, the AutoVac Stretch is your sustainable and cost-effective ally in maintaining pristine floors. In commercial buildings, hard floors make up a huge percentage of cleanable surface areas and represent an enormous investment for facility managers.

Building users have high expectations that floors always look clean and safe to use.

Unclean and unsafe hard floors threaten health, safety, and your reputation.

Industrial floor cleaning machines are made to clean large areas efficiently.

Our industrial floor cleaning machines are designed to clean a variety of various floor types.

Sustainable Cleaning

Revolutionize Your Floor Care Program

Every facility manager needs a hard surface floor care program that effectively addresses appearance, safety, and infection control. Kaivac’s AutoVac Stretch floor cleaning machine completely removes soil and pathogens while reducing the likelihood of slips-and-fall accidents. They do all of that work while costing dramatically less than any walk-behind auto scrubber.

For generations, cleaning professionals have been fighting a losing battle against the mop and bucket. These ancient tools have been responsible for lost

Kaivac AutoVac Stretch

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Productivity, poor employee morale, and worst of all they don’t really clean well. The only time a mop is truly clean is when it’s new. Once used, it just spreads dirt and germs around and leaves them behind. Modern cleaning machines like those from Kaivac clean better and make work faster making people happier to clean.